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[ebook] Healing with Yantra Yoga (pdf)

From Tibetan Medicine to the Subtle Body

by Elio Guarisco, Phuntsog Wangmo

eBook - 15.40€ (without VAT)


available also: Book - 22.00€


Yantra Yoga, originally transmitted in Tibet by Guru Padmasambhava in the eighth century, was first introduced to the West by Dzogchen master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu in the 1970s.

Working primarily on the physical and energetic structure of the body, the practice profoundly affects the functions of body, energy, mind, producing benefits that begin with deep relaxation and better health in general and can go all the way to complete realization.

Healing with Yantra Yoga aims to convey an understanding of the workings of the specific health benefits of the practice. Following an overview of the basic principles of traditional Tibetan medicine by Phuntsog Wangmo, a Tibetan physician, and Elio Guarisco, a Tibetan translator with extensive experience in the field, this book examines the positive health effects attributed to each of the 108 movements of Yantra Yoga.

The final part is dedicated to the chakras and channels of the subtle body as elucidated in Tantra.

  • Foreword 11
  • Publisher’s Note 14
  • Part I: Principles of Tibetan Medicine
  • Phuntsog Wangmo: Introduction to Tibetan Medicine 17
  • Body, Energy, and Mind 17
  • The Three Humors 21
  • The Five Energy Winds 22
  • The Five Biles 23
  • The Five Phlegms 23
  • Balance 24
  • Four Lines of Treatment 25
  • Breathing as Therapy 28
  • The Four Groups of Channels 30
  • Elio Guarisco: Tibetan Medicine in Context 35
  • Finding Relevance in Ancient Knowledge 35
  • Tibetan Medicine: From Bön to Buddhism 37
  • Basic Concepts in Tibetan Medicine 40
  • The Five Elements 40
  • The Three Humors 47
  • Constitutions 55
  • Disturbances 61
  • The Causes of Wind Disorders 62
  • Symptoms of Wind Disorders 64
  • Recognizing Disorders of the Five Principal Winds 65
  • Modes of Healing 69
  • General Advice on Diet 70
  • Diet for Wind Disorders 71
  • Behavior for Wind Disorders 73
  • Part II: Yantra Yoga
  • Chögyal Namkhai Norbu on Yantra Yoga 77
  • The Yantra Yoga Lineage 77
  • Healing More Than the Body 79
  • Breathing and Movement 81
  • Elio Guarisco on Yantra Yoga 85
  • From Tibetan Medicine to Yantra Yoga 85
  • The Tantric Cycles and Yantra Yoga 86
  • The Transmission of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu 88
  • The Health Benefits of Yantra Yoga 93
  • The Preliminaries 95
  • Exhaling the Stale Air: Lung Ro Salwa 95
  • Loosening the Joints: The Five Tsigjongs 100
  • Purifying the Prana: The Eight Lungsangs 112
  • Controlling the Channels: The Five Tsanduls 128
  • The Five Series of Yantras 133
  • The First Series of Yantras 134
  • The Second Series of Yantras 138
  • The Third Series of Yantras 141
  • The Fourth Series of Yantras 144
  • The Fifth Series of Yantras 148
  • The Seven Lotuses 151
  • The Vajra Wave 157
  • Temporary and Ultimate Benefits of Yantra Yoga 163
  • Part III: The Subtle Body
  • The Subtle Aspects of Our Existence 167
  • Sources 168
  • Channels, Energy Winds, and Vital Essences 169
  • The Channels and the Chakras: Formation 170
  • A Tantric Parallel of Development 173
  • Channels: Types and Functions 174
  • Chakras: Types and Functions 176
  • The Three Main Channels for Practice 181
  • Other Channels 185
  • Energy Winds: The Tantric Perspective 187
  • The Vital Essences 199
  • Bodhichitta 203
  • Inner and Outer Cycles 204
  • The Daily Cycle of the Solar and Lunar Energies 206
  • Concluding Remarks 211
  • Glossary 213
  • Bibliography 225
  • Index 231

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