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Breathe As You Are

by Fabio Andrico

Book - 26.00€ (without VAT)


available also: eBook - 20.00€ Pack - 33.00€

Respira is a simple and effective method that teaches us how to rediscover fluid, complete respiration and integrate it in our lives. As research consistently shows, breathing well is vitally important to all of us. It is the key to a positive, relaxed state of mind, sound sleep, good digestion, stabilized blood pressure, and countless other health benefits.

Breathe As You Are is a comprehensive, full-color guide to Respira, with easy-to-follow exercises for anyone. Developed by seasoned yoga teacher and breath expert Fabio Andrico, Respira is taught internationally and online at


During our round-the-world flight with Solar Impulse, on one of our extended stopovers the energy in the team was slipping into a negative mode. I called Patrizia, one of the Respira instructors, and thanks to a few breathing sessions, we found the impulse we needed to recenter and were able to continue our adventure.”

 Anne-Christine Perren – Solar Impulse, Executive Assistant to the CEO


It was an honor for me to participate in the project of making the Breathe video with Fabio Andrico. I truly believe that these breathing exercises can bring positive changes in everyone’s life and that Respira can help us face challenges in a calmer, more peaceful way. It’s a simple practice that anyone can do, with immediate results. Thank you for making this possible and accessible to all.”

 Yamila Diaz-Rahi – supermodel, mother, and actress

    Preface xi
  • Introduction 1
  • Quick Start: A Simple Exercise 8
  • Part 1 | Complete Breathing in Theory 14
  • Part 2 | Complete Breathing in practice 24
  • Explanation and Pointers 33
  • Developing the Abdominal Phase 38
  • Developing the Intercostal Phase 53
  • Experiencing Your Dorsal Breathing Capacity 58
  • Developing the Thoracic Phase 61
  • Relax, Open, and Discover 68
  • The Four Keys to Complete Breathing 72
  • Coordinating the Four Phases 83
  • Exhaling from Top to Bottom 96
  • Alternative Sequence 104
  • Rhythmic Breathing 106
  • The Practice 107
  • Breathing Method 108
  • Unifying the Flow 110
  • Natural Breathing 115
  • Complete Relaxation 120
  • Appendix 1 | Warm-ups 124
  • Appendix 2 | Routines 172
  • Appendix 3 | Health Benefits of Harmonious Breathing 184
  • Current and Future Research 192
  • Glossary 193
  • Bibliography 199
  • Index of Exercises by Level 203
  • About the Author 207

~ Testimonials ~

Very useful for students and yoga instructors

Beautifully designed and printed, the exercises in this book are very useful for learning and teaching to develop our complete and harmonius breathing capacity. As an instructor, I find the explanations in the book extremely clear and adapted to the capacity of every student.

- Oana Marcu

Breathe As You Are

Awesome! I bought this book some months ago. I love it! It is well structured, the explanation is easy, the drawings and photos are nice and give a precise idea how to train various phases of breathing (abdominal, intercostal, thoracic, clavicular, dorsal) with or without cushions, yoga props etc! It helps me to understand how I can breathe completely, fluidly, without tension, obstacles, just as children do)) I am satisfied with this purchase!

- Dominikia Priymak

Breathe as you are

Wonderful! A perfect guide to re-discover and develop natural breathing. Theory and practice are explained in a simple and precise way and all series of exercises, from easy to challanging, have helpful pictures. Useful and easy to apply for anyone, don't miss it!

- Chiara Carraro

Great breathing also for asthma

Great book, very well illustrated, the exercises are great for improving the breathing and also my asthma symptoms

- carla gnecchi ruscone

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